The September 2017 Newsletter has been posted to the SSPOA website.  News items include:

Community Barbeque

It’s not a Pig Roast this year, but a Community BBQ…see the newsletter for all the details!

Silver Star Task Force and the SSPOA

With the goal of keeping homeowners informed, the SSPOA will be publishing a series of questions and answers to the website.

Star Gas Applies to Have Installation Fees Reduced to $25

Star Gas is in the process of applying to have their tariff changed to $25 for new rate-payers.  The window for new applicants will be very narrow if approved, and homeowners are urged to contact Star Gas immediately.

Silverhawk Utilities Issues

Owners with suites and lock-off units have received an additional assessment.  The SSPOA has questioned Silverhawk and presents some interesting comparisons.

Mailbox Shelter Artwork

A local artist donates a painting that will grace out Mailbox Shelter.

Call For Volunteers

Do you have a skill set that you would be willing to share with the SSPOA?  Are you interested in letting your name stand at the election during the AGM in December?

Membership Grows – Creekside renews their 2017 membership

SSPOA can now state that we represent more than 550 homeowners when dealing with entities such as the BC Utilities Commission and the various levels of government.

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