What is the SSPOA and what is its Purpose?

With the demise of the “Standing Committee" by the Regional District North Okanagan (RDNO) it was felt by many that a void had been created between the community as a whole, the ski lift company and our elected representatives. Many agreed that a legally registered Association could fill that void and to this end a committee was formed in January 2004.  It was registered in Victoria as the Silver Star Property Owners Association (SSPOA) June of 2004.

Below is the stated purpose of the Society from our Constitution.

The Purpose of the Society is to represent the best interests of the property owners of Silver Star Mountain to any and all organizations and committees having an influence or effect on the operation, development or governance of the community.”

With that purpose in mind, there are issues that need to be addressed regarding our community that none of the current appointed committees have the mandate to resolve.

What are some of these issues that the SSPOA feels it needs to address?

Here is a partial list of items we will be working on:

  • Water supply
  •  Sewerage costs
  • Natural Gas supply
  • Wildfire Preparedness
  • Road maintenance for the mountain
  • Member Engagement
  • Community Safety
  • The Government services of the Regional District of the North Okanagan (RDNO) and the Province of B.C.

How will the SSPOA deal with matters of concern to me?

The Executive is prepared to use any legal means necessary to find constructive and mutually agreeable solutions to issues on the mountain. Our first approach must always be through our Elected Representative at RDNO currently Ms. Amanda Shatzko.

What does it cost?

The annual fee is currently CAD$20.00 per year for single ownership or strata lots in buildings of 3 units or less.  For strata complexes of 4 or more units, the annual fee is $10.00 per unit. These fees are to cover out of pocket expenses, mailing costs, annual provincial fees to maintain the society, as well as small projects that benefit the community.

How do I join?

If you are a home, strata condominium or business owner use the link below to register. If you have questions please contact the Membership Director using the link on the contact page. If you are a strata owner, your strata may already be a member.

Remember, only as a group will we be large enough to be heard!