Sewage Action Fund

Contributions to the Sewage Action Fund

Residential Rate Payers minimum contribution is 10% of your 2018 payment to Silverhawk.

Vacant Lot Owners minimum contribution is 20% of your 2018 payment to Silverhawk

(contribution amounts will be kept confidential, donors of 10% or more will be acknowledged by name only unless they request anonymity)

OPTION 1 By Mail

Supply a copy of your 2018 Silverhawk Invoice and on it note your email and telephone number along with the amount of your contribution. The Cheque should be made out to: Silver Star Property Owners Association

Mail the invoice along with your cheque to:

Silver Star Property Owners Association

PO Box 1872 Vernon BC     V1N 8Z7

The SSPOA will Email you a receipt.

OPTION 2 By Bank using Interac e-Transfer

When an Interac e-Transfer is sent to the email address using Autodeposit, the funds are automatically deposited. This is a new and secure transfer method, there is no need to login to online banking and answer a security question to claim the funds!

Log in to your Banking Institution online banking and select:

‘Send Interac eTransfer’ and then enter the following email:

Scan or send a photo of your Silverhawk Invoice to the same email address, ensuring you have we have noted your phone number and email address. If you are sending a photo of your invoice, please crop the photo to full size and send it as large as possible.

You will receive an Interac receipt via email, the SSPOA will not be sending you another receipt.



Sending your Silverhawk Invoice copy provides the SSPOA with your mailing address, your Silver Star address along with verification of your 10% minimum contribution. All information (your invoice and contribution) will be kept confidential by the Board of the SSPOA.