Block Watch

BLOCK WATCH: Safer Communities, One Block at a Time

For more information please visit the Block Watch website
You Are Living in a Block Watch Neighbourhood And You Are Invited to Participate with Us

To participate and be an active member of this group all you need to do is:

  • Share an interest in community safety with your neighbours
  • Be aware of who lives in your neighbourhood
  • Share your address and contact information with your co-captain and participating neighbours
  • Watch out for each other and each other’s property
  • Report suspicious and criminal activity to police and your Block Watch Captain/Co-Captain
  • Attend an annual Block Watch meeting or Block Party if you can

The benefits of joining a Block Watch:

  • Experience lower crime rates in your neighbourhood
  • Attend Suspect Identification Training and become an expert witness
  • Direct access to a police officer and resources to assist with neighbourhood issues
  • Free security assessment walk-about in your neighbourhood or complex
  • Learn techniques to make your home less attractive to a property crime thief
  • Receive information about security hardware for your exterior doors/windows
  • Receive important information about suspicious, nuisance or criminal activity in your neighbourhood

You will receive:

E-mails from the Captain or Co-Captain updating you of suspicious and/or criminal activity that they become aware of or is reported to them
Timely crime prevention tips, and other tools only available to Block Watch members

Join now: 

For more information contact either the team Captain or Co-Captain:

Captain: Maura McCarthy

Co-Captain in Your Area: contact Maura

How to Become a Co-Captain:

  • Submit a criminal record check
  • Attend one training session
  • Canvass your area and create a map, showing which neighbours belong to the program, where they live, and how to reach them if need be. This is how neighbours help each other directly.