Dear SSPOA Members,

We are sure that most are heartily pleased to see the back of 2020! One of the consequences of Covid and social distancing is we have seen a significant drop in members paying their annual membership fee. We usually collect most of individual membership fees at the AGM and because there was no AGM in 2020, we are currently encouraging renewals online.

We have added a direct deposit option this year to assist with the renewals and for new memberships (which we always encourage). We appreciate that 2020 has been a financially tough year for many, but we would ask you please to pay the $20 membership fee to ensure that the SSPOA remains financially healthy into the future.

Unless you have already done so online via PayPal, or mailed in your renewa,l you will see your ability to log into the SSPOA website has ended as your annual membership has expired.  We are now reminding members to renew their 2021 membership in one of the following ways:

Option 1: By Interact eTransfer:
When an Interac e-Transfer is sent to the email address using Autodeposit, the funds are automatically deposited. This is a new and secure transfer method; there is no need for the SSPOA to login to online banking and answer a security question to claim the funds!
Log in to your Banking Institution online banking and select:
‘Send Interac eTransfer’ and then enter the following email:
Please add your first and last name as well as your SSPOA Login username in the eTransfer message.  You will receive an Interac receipt via email, the SSPOA will not be sending you another receipt.

Option 2: Using a Credit Card via PayPal:
Please renew via the link on the website when you select membership renewals at The website will lead you to PayPal to make a payment for a 1-year membership with your credit card.

Option 3: By cheque using the mail: 
Our mailing address:
SSPOA, PO Box 1872, Vernon B.C V1N 8Z7 Canada

Please note your SSPOA Login username on the cheque.

The Amount Due for those members who are not in a Strata Property that has purchased bulk memberships for their strata is $20.00. The following Strata Properties have had their login access updated for 2021 so nothing is required for the 2021 renewal.

  • Alpine Meadows
  • Creekside
  • Firelight
  • Grandview
  • KAS 1703
  • Lord Aberdeen Hotel
  • Pinnacles
  • Silver Creek Lodge
  • Silver Views
  • Snowbird
  • The Mews
  • The Peaks

For owners in these Strata Properties, we remind you that if you have not already registered on the website you will need to complete this in order to access the members area of the website. There is no cost and only takes a few minutes.

We thank everyone at Silver Star who has made our association a strong voice for the community and its property owners and look to your continued support as we address the concerns in 2021.

For those who are considering a membership or are wishing to register for the first time please go to:

Thank you,
Your SSPOA Board of Directors