IMPORTANT NOTICE - SSPOA website: Access changes effective March 31 2017

On Friday March 31, 2017 the Silver Star Property Owners Association will be changing the access to the website.  As of that date, you must be a paid member to be able to access the member’s area. The new website has been available free of charge since its launch in December.

Those owners who have already purchased their 2017 membership at the AGM will need to be registered online via the website prior to March 31st. A separate notice has already been sent to those members with specific  instructions.  This will include Strata Associations who have taken advantage of the discounted Group Membership purchase.

Owners who have registered previously on the old or new website (you will have an existing user name) you can renew your membership on or after March 31st by selecting the “Membership Renewal” tab at the lower left corner of the home page.  You will be asked to log in and then to update your information (“name”, “strata” or “not a strata property” and your “Silver Star address”).  You will then be able to pay your $20 membership via a credit card or PayPal.  If your Strata Association has prepaid, you will not be asked for payment.

Owners who are new to the website will be able to register using the registration tab on the home page on or after March 31st and be able to pay your $20 membership via a credit card or PayPal. If your Strata Association has prepaid, you will not be asked for payment.

For Members in a Strata Association that have not purchased group memberships, each strata owner will have to purchase an individual membership.

It is important to be registered as an owner on our website as future newsletters will only be sent to those owners who are current, paid up members of the SSPOA  and who are registered on the website.

The benefits of membership in the SSPOA include:

  • Regular Newsletter communication from the Executive regarding activities and news items regarding the community and Silver Star Mountain
  • Intervening with BCUC regarding Natural Gas charges (promising results are expected and this will directly impact every homeowner in a positive way)
  • Liaison with RDNO regarding taxation and spending thereof
  • Liaison with RDNO regarding services such as Solid Waste Collection/Composting Program
  • Liaison with Silver Star Mountain Resort
  • Liaison with the Silver Star Mountain Task Force
  • Construction and Maintenance of Mailbox Shelter with Notice Board for Community Members
  • Highway Cleanup Creekside to Lupin Road
  • Support and participation in the  FireSmart communities Initiative
  • Development of a Neighbourhood Watch Group

Please feel free to contact us at any time for further information on the membership issue or any other matter through our Executive Contacts on the SSPOA home page which is available to everyone  .


FireSmart Information Meeting – Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at the NATC

Join Guest Speakers for a presentation and Q & A session to learn the importance and urgency of establishing a FireSmart Program at Silver Star Mountain, and learn how you can play your part.

FireSmart Community Educational Event
GUEST SPEAKERS: Alastair Crick, RDNO Manager Protective Service

Lawrie Skolrood, FireSmart Canada representative

WHEN:  Tuesday March 21, 2017
TIME:  4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
WHERE: NATC Auditorium, Silver Star Mountain
This event is supported by the Silver Star Property Owners Association.

The Slave Lake fire that wiped out a community over the time span of a few hours five years ago has faded from the memories of all but the directly affected people.  The recent fires in Ft. St. John, BC and Ft. McMurray, AB have made people all over Canada sit up and take notice.  The fire that wiped out homes and property from Westbridge to Rock Creek, BC in 2015 places the wildfire events right in our back yard.

There is no mystery that the Silver Star community is at risk and needs to act immediately and decisively on preparing for wildfires and take steps to mitigate or minimize what could be an absolute disaster.  How this can be accomplished is also not a mystery as FireSmart manuals have been available for a number of years at the links below:

Having a community “champion” and like-minded activists that can work with SSFR/BXSLFR and Silver Star Resort personnel to create a FireSmart Community or Communities is in everyone’s best interest and the need is immediate.

Enjoy a one-hour presentation and Q&A session to build support in establishing a FireSmart Program at Silver Star Mountain Resort and learn how you can play your part.

Press/media links:

UPDATE: Stargas Delivery Rate Application to the BCUC

On September 26th, 2016, Stargas Utilities Ltd. filed an application with the British Columbia Utilities Commission ("BCUC”) for:

(a)  Interim and permanent approval of a $0.39 per gigajoule delivery rate decrease for all customers, effective November 1, 2016;

(b) Approval to replace Stargas' existing term loan with a $300,000 term loan at an interest rate of prime plus I.25% and

(c) Approval to redeem 1,000 Class G preferred shares having a par value of $100,000.

The Silver Star Property Owners Association Filed for and received “Intervenor Status” for the application. The SSPOA objected to (amongst other things):

  • The Stargas proposal to substitute debt payments for amortization
  • The high cost of administration provided by a non-arm’s length party which is family to the sole shareholder of Stargas
  • The high cost of installation of gas service line and meter at $1920.00

Over the 4 Months since the first documents were filed by the SSPOA on October 13th the BCUC has sought 2 information requests and held a Streamlined Review Process (“SRP”). Final Arguments were filed by the SSPOA on February 10, 2017 and can be viewed at:

The original submission by the SSPOA which outlines many of the concerns that were presented to the BCUC can be viewed at:

The BCUC will over the next few months review all of the information and will issue an Order which we hope, will reflect the concerns expressed by the SSPOA. This is the first time since 2002 that there have been any meaningful challenges to any Stargas applications.

You can see all of the submissions related to the application by going to the BCUC website:

Proposed Silver Star Resort Association (SSRA)

Newsletter #6 has been released. The task force is listening and there are some changes being proposed based on the feedback received. To view the newsletters, background information, give feedback and register your email address, go to

At the website you will find:

  • Newsletters and Fact Sheet
  • DRAFT Silver Star Resort Association Bylaws (revision 2)
  • Open House 1 poster boards
  • Open House 1 presentation
  • Online survey 1 results
  • Open House 2 poster boards
  • Open House 2 presentation

While the SSPOA has adopted a neutral position on the subject of a Resort Association at Silver Star, it remains committed to facilitating community discussion on the proposal.

Silver Star Stakeholders Liaison Group

On February 27, members of the SSPOA executive met with representatives of RDNO, Mike MacNabb (Area C), Bob Fleming (Area D), Rick Fairbairn (RDNO Chair), Leah Mellott (RDNO General Manager, Administration), Alistair Crick (RDNO Protective Services), Chris Mazzota (RDNO Emergency Services and IT).  Also in attendance were Ken Derpak, Brad Baker, and Brian James.

This is an annual meeting to discuss all issues related to the governance of Silver Star. Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to us, the financial information was not available as the budget was still being prepared.  Usually, we are able to look at specific areas of our budget, line by line.

As a result the 2017 Financial Plan (for each RDNO service applicable to Silver Star) is to be forwarded to the Liaison Group.

We did discuss:

  • Water rates and capital projects
  • Parks and Trail Corridors (Ribbons of Green)
  • Block Watch
  • Food Recycling
  • Noxious Weeds
  • Governance
  • Basic 2017 Financial Plan Items
  • Wildfire Interface Planning
  • Fire Department Budget and Playbook
  • Emergency Social Services

Some of the action items are:

  • RDNO to provide information/explanation regarding water clarity.
  • RDNO to review the cost of and other implications of quarterly billing for water.
  • RDNO to advise on the status of the GST pre-payment related to the Vance Creek Reservoir construction.

Call For Red Cross Emergency Support Services Volunteers

Do you or someone you know want to help people affected by disasters in your community?  If you, or someone you know, would like to be a part of this team, please consider becoming a Red Cross Emergency Support Services Volunteer.

Be amongst the first responders when an event such as a house fire or flood leaves people vulnerable and in need of assistance. As a Red Cross Emergency Support Services volunteer, you will be there for your fellow community members to ensure their needs are met following emergencies and disasters.

The Regional District North Okanagan, in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross, is seeking local community members to join teams in their area to help support their neighbourhoods when disaster strikes. As an Emergency Support Services team member, you will receive training for your role and be equipped with the tools to respond. These teams also promote emergency preparedness in their communities with the ultimate goal of building a more resilient North Okanagan. As a Canadian Red Cross Disaster Management volunteer, you may also have the potential opportunity to assist during larger disasters across Canada.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be a part of this team, please take a look at the attached job description and see the online application here:

You can also choose to email the attached application form directly to:<> Quoting Posting ID DM-RP-NOOK-RD-868, no later than April 30, 2017.

A list of remaining information sessions are:

Coldstream Fire Hall (8008 Aberdeen Road)—Thursday March 16 (7 pm-8 pm)

Armstrong Fire Hall (3540 Mill Street)—Wednesday March 22 (7 pm-8 pm)

Lumby Fire Hall (1769 Shuswap Ave) – Thursday March 23 (7 pm-8 pm)

If you have any questions, please contact your local Red Cross Disaster Management Coordinator, Kayla Pepper 250 469-3721 or email<>

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!

On behalf of the North Okanagan Regional District and Canadian Red Cross

Kayla Pepper

Community Planning and Response Coordinator

BC Southern Interior Disaster Management

Canadian Red Cross | Croix-Rouge canadienne

Western Zone

124 Adams Rd | Kelowna |

British Columbia | CA | V1X7R2<>

T: 250 491-8443 ext 206 | C: 250 469-3721