Drew Eyre and Ted Pleavin were founding members of the SSPOA in 2004. They saw a need
with the collapse of the standing committee to represent property owners of Silver Star.
They have left a big hole! Ted and Drew were Presidents and Vice Presidents of the
association. They established regular meetings and communications with our MLAs, RDNO,
and highways.

They instigated the Pine Beetle program, which was run for 5 years. Drew took on the design,
procurement construction and restaining of the Community Mailbox Shelter.

Drew was hands on with the Knoll lighting. He scoped out suppliers for replacement lamps and
set up the installation of a Knoll lamp at the Firelight crossing of Monashee.

They both volunteered with our Firehall and basically helped wherever things needed doing.
Please join me in thanking them and wishing them the best with their new ventures. It will take
many hands to fill the gap!