2021 Annual General Meeting
December 28, 2021
at 4:00 PM




The SSPOA did not hold an AGM for the year 2020 due to restrictions implemented by the Provincial government which severely restricted in-person gatherings as part of the government response to reduce the spread of Covid 19.

The Provincial government also amended the statute governing not-for-profit societies, and ruled that AGMs would not be mandatory for that year. The SSPOA decided that it was in the best interests of the community to take the option of not holding an AGM and rather to provide a written update to the membership and paper submissions to the Registrar of Societies.

As Provincial Health Authorities have learned more about how Covid 19 spreads in the community and the availability of effective vaccines, governmental guidance has changed to reflect what is required to keep communities safe.

Based on the prevailing conditions in B.C. the SSPOA board has decided to run a hybrid AGM for this year only. This will mean a meeting will be held both in-person and via Zoom.

The AGM will be held at the NATC and will use the auditorium (capacity 180) and team room (capacity 22).

The Board believes that by following the requirements of the Public Health Order and with the goodwill of the community, a safe in-person AGM can be held for 2021.

Basic requirements for in-person attendance

1)     All attendees, either in person or via Zoom must register prior to the AGM.

2)     You must be a paid-up member of the SSPOA for the year 2021 to register for the AGM.

3)     Every attendee must have their own seat and stay seated during the AGM, other than for nature breaks and medical requirements.

4)     Face masks must be worn at all times once attendees enter the NATC and may only be removed when speaking.

5)     All attendees MUST be double vaccinated and provide proof via a QR code that will be scanned and verified with photo identification.

6)     Sanitizer will be provided at strategic points.

7)     There is a maximum of 180 in-person attendees, which is 100% of authorized capacity. No seating on the stairways or standing will be permitted.

8)     At the end of the AGM, attendees will leave immediately and not congregate in the common areas of the NATC.


Registration for either in-person or Zoom will be via the SSPOA website and will be accessible via the member’s login page.

Please follow this URL https://www.sspoa.ca/2021-sspoa-agm-registration/ for the registration form that will need to be completed. You can elect to register for Zoom or in-person at that point. You will only be able to register and attend (in person or via Zoom) if you are a paid up member.

You will be able to register one member, and if necessary, one guest.

Registration will be cut off at midnight of Sunday December 26, 2021. Any questions on registration should be addressed to AGMregistration@SSPOA.ca

Registration for Zoom

For those who have registered to attend via Zoom, you will be sent a link for the Zoom conference on December 27, 2021. Again, only those who are paid members and have registered will be able to join the video stream of the AGM. Only one Zoom link will be sent per member.

Registration for In-Person Attendance

For those wishing to attend in person, please complete registration as outlined under “Registration”. You can register up to one guest to join you as part of this process.

During the Meeting

The Zoom livestream will commence as the AGM starts. All Zoom attendee’s microphones will be muted to ensure acceptable audio quality for all.

Questions, at the appropriate time will be taken without the use of a microphone as passing around an instrument that people have been in very close proximity to it is inconsistent with the safety protocols put in place. Any floor questions will be summarized and repeated by the Meeting Chair for the benefit of those attending by Zoom.

Should a Zoom attendee wish to ask a question, the “raise hand” under the “Reactions” function on your screen should be used. The Meeting Chair will monitor for “raised hands” and will ask the member to ask their question. At that point, the member asking the question should unmute, speak, and then mute again.

Post Meeting

Attendees should leave immediately in a safe and orderly manner and not gather on the stage or other common areas.


It is hoped that by following this standard operating procedure, the SSPOA AGM can be held in a safe a respectful way. Please remember that the Board is following Provincial health requirements and is responsible for the effective discharge of those responsibilities. Please be patient when interacting with volunteers as this is new to everyone.

Your Board of Directors
Silver Star Property Owners Association