IMPORTANT NOTICE – NEW SSPOA website: Access changes are effective January 11, 2023

On Wednesday January 11th, the Silver Star Property Owners Association upgraded the SSPOA website. As of that date, you will need to re-register if you are a residential homeowner.  If you are a member through a group Strata purchase you will have to reset your password.

New Owners and Owners who have registered previously on the website and who pay the annual $20 membership (or in other words are not in a strata property) will need to sign up as if you are a new member.

Please Note: You will now only be able to pay your $20 membership via a credit card and as we move into 2024 and subsequent years your membership renewal will be recurring unless you opt out. We have moved from PayPal to a new online payment company, Stripe (see link for more information on stripe), which provides secure recurring payment options. Each year your membership will be renewed automatically. The SSPOA will no longer be accepting E-Transfers or collecting fees at the AGM’s as we have in the past. We are encouraging all paying members to use the new Stripe system, making member management far easier for your SSPOA Board. A manual option via mail/cheque will be available to those who do not wish to use the on-line method.

For Members in a Strata Association that have not purchased group memberships, (Vance Creek and Chilcoot) each strata owner will have to purchase an individual membership.

For Members in a Strata Association who have purchased group memberships, your information has been transferred to the new website, however you will need to reset your password. Please follow the instructions:

  1. Go to the SSPOA lost password page:
  2.  Enter your email or user ID
  3. An email will be sent to your account (please check junk folder)
  4. Click on the link in the email to access the Reset Password Screen
  5. You can choose to set your own password or use the password suggested (be sure to write it down or save it.
  6. Login to the system with your user ID and new password.

It is important to be registered as an owner on our website as future newsletters will only be sent to those owners who are current, paid-up members of the SSPOA and who are registered on the website and then have access to the members area.

The benefits of membership in the SSPOA include:

  • Regular Newsletter communication from the Executive regarding activities and news items regarding the community and Silver Star Mountain
  • Intervening with BCUC regarding Natural Gas charges
  • Liaison with RDNO regarding taxation and spending thereof
  • Liaison with RDNO regarding services such as Solid Waste Collection, Composting Program, and Water supply
  • Liaison with Silver Star Mountain Resort
  • Construction and Maintenance of Mailbox Shelter with Notice Board for Community Members
  • Highway Cleanup - Creekside to Lupin Road
  • Support and participation in the FireSmart Communities Initiative
  • Development of a Neighbourhood Watch Group
  • Addressing Sewerage costs
  • Community Wildfire Preparedness
  • Addressing road maintenance for the mountain
  • Monitoring the Government services of the Regional District of the North Okanagan (RDNO) and the Province of B.C.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for further information on the membership issue or any other matter through our Executive Contacts on the SSPOA home page which is available to everyone .