The Utility Services committee was established this year with the following mandate:

Meet with appropriate officials to determine opportunities for the Association to improve the delivery of utility services to the property owners of Silver Star;

This includes:

  • Monitor Stargas Utilities applications to the BC utilities commission and if necessary intervene on behalf of the association;
  • Liaise with the Regional District on operation and improvements to their water systems and the impact these may have on the residents of Silver Star;
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Ministry of Health and other government bodies regarding the delivery of services;
  •  Monitor Silver Hawk Utilities Billing practices and annual reports.

The committee is made up of some of the SSPOA Directors as well as SSPOA members who can bring expertise to the committee for the preparation of position papers and issue identification.

Our current committee members are:

Mike Waberski (Committee Chair), Denys Lawrence, Cathy Clark, Graham Moir, Rob Tupper and Sandy Cook (interim President)

Presently the committee is focused on the Stargas Application before the BC Utilities Commission

(BCUC). Stargas is applying for a delivery rate change and corporate refinancing. In British Columbia, rates charged by a utility are generally set based on the utility’s forecast of costs required to provide service to its customers.

The SSPOA filed for Intervenor Status to the BC Utilities Commission and received approval on Friday October 28. The SSPOA submission was made on November 2. The committee is presently preparing our final arguments for submission to the BCUC.

You can examine the SSPOA Submission to the BCUC (document C1-2) and follow the Stargas Utilities proceedings through the BCUC website link:

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Chair of the Utility Services Committee via

email at: