2023 Silver Star Property Owners Association Annual General Meeting

Date: Thursday December 28, 2023 at 4:00 PM
Location: NATC Auditorium


2023 AGM Registration

2023 requirements AGM attendance

1) All attendees must register online prior to the AGM.
2) You must be a paid-up member of the SSPOA for the year 2023 to register for the AGM.
3) There is a maximum of 180 in-person attendees, which is 100% of authorized capacity. No seating on the stairways or standing will be permitted.


Registration will be via the SSPOA website and will be accessible via the member’s login page. Please follow this URL https://sspoa.ca/2023-agm-registration/ for the registration form that will need to be completed. You will only be able to register and attend as a voting member if you are a paid-up member. Please complete registration as outlined under “Registration”. You can register up to one guest to join you as part of this process.

2023 Membership Fees

To register for the AGM, you must be a paid-up member for 2023. You can renew your membership for 2023 using the online membership renewal at the SSPOA website https://sspoa.ca/membership/ . This can be completed online using a credit card.

For Group Strata members you must simply register; your 2023 fees have been paid. Please note that, this year we will NOT be accepting 2024 fees at the AGM as we have been in the past.


Next Year's 2024 Membership Fees

For those who registered with a credit card this year and have subscribed to annual billing, your membership will be automatically renewed on January 4, 2024.

If you are unsure, please login to your account  to view your profile and billing details.

Group memberships for Stratas will be automatically renewed by the SSPOA.

AGM Agenda

  1. Meeting called to order
  2. Opening remarks and introductions: Mike Waberski
  3. Adoption of the agenda
  4. Minutes of the 2022 AGM: Loreen Ruault
  5. President’s report: Mike Waberski
  6. Treasurers report and 2023-24 Budget: Sheryl Bolton
  7. Member Engagement Report: Loreen Ruault
  8. Safe Community Report: Maura McCarthy
  9. Utility Services Committee Report: Mike Waberski
  10. Executive Nominations and Elections
  11. Presentation: RDNO by Amanda Shatzko, Area “C” Representative
  12. Presentation: Silver Star Mountain Resort Update by Herwig Demschar
  13. Election Results and Adjournment

Should you have any questions, please direct these to agmregistration@sspoa.ca

Your Board of Directors
Silver Star Property Owners Association